Discovering our vineyard

The history of our terroir

The wines of Burgundy, and especially those of Meursault, owe their unparalleled finesse and their typicality to extraordinary geography, where geology and topography are closely linked. The wines display a world of difference if the parcel lies on the slope or near the villages, if the slope is steep or more gentle, if the soil is more clay or limestone, and if the vines face due east or slightly north-east or south-east.
On this land with its strong identity, the famous climats of Burgundy, extraordinary natural conditions have been shaped by human labour since the Middle Ages and the founding of the abbeys of Cluny and Cîteaux. The Chardonnay grape variety, king of the Burgundy whites, can find its true expression here through the magical combination of rich land and determined men and women.

‘Climats are small parcels of precisely delineated vineyards located on the slopes of the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune. The UNESCO World Heritage List counts 1,247 climats. The approach that refers to the climat (the place) and the vintage (the year) to determine the quality of the wines is unique worldwide.’

MJ TRICOT terroirs

Our white wines

The terroirs of MJ TRICOT mainly fall on the narrow strip of land that lies between 260 and 300 metres above sea level, the realm of the Premiers Crus, from the Charmes on the gentlest part of the slope to the vineyards of Perrières, Gouttes d’Or and Porusot perched on the steepest slopes of the Meursault hillside. They border the village of Puligny-Montrachet, the other legendary white appellation of the slope.

Our red wine

At the other end of the Meursault territory, our Monthélie Clos Les Champs Fulliot grows in an ancestral parcel encircled by stone walls. This Monthélie Premier Cru benefits from the morphological and geological conditions that make the Volnay great. Not very well known, because it was sold under the name of a more prestigious Villages wine for a long time, this appellation (pronounced mon-lee) accentuates the Pinot noir and rivals its renowned neighbour.

The map is centred on Meursault and shows the vine parcels of the house of MJ TRICOT. Zoom in to identify the white and red appellations, the Villages and Bourgogne Premier Crus, via the distinctive colour codes.