In Meursault, Burgundy, since 1848

All of our dreams may come true one day. At the heart of Meursault village, in the ancient cellars of our family home, the passion of the winegrower is reborn. Here, ready to be enjoyed, you will find Meursault Village wines, Meursault Premier Cru Perrières, Charmes, Gouttes d’Or and Porusot, and Monthélie Premier Cru Clos Les Champs Fulliot.

Our family has lived and worked in Meursault for generations. We have owned vineyards for over 170 years. The parcels acquired over the years, that have been maintained and vinified according to the rules of the art by the house of Bouchard Père & Fils for more than 20 years, produce the most sumptuous wines in this part of Côte de Beaune.

We are proud to offer the best of our vineyards under the brand MJ TRICOT.

‘Returning to Meursault, the cradle of my Ropiteau and Tricot ancestors, to once again put our name on the wines from our vineyards and to help these wonderful appellations become better known, ties me to our family’s traditions. I am delighted to be able to breathe life into this project today, which was so dear to my father Bernard Tricot’s heart and is supported by my mother, Marie Josèphe Ropiteau-Tricot.’

Vincent Tricot

170 years of shared passion


Jean Ropiteau, a winemaker who was already deeply rooted in the Burgundy area, founded a trading house in Meursault in the vaulted cellars of the 15th and 17th centuries.


Vincent Tricot revives his family’s heritage and creates MJ TRICOT, a house with the novel status of ‘owner – non-harvester – seller’, in that same 17th century house.

Maupiti, the other side of MJ TRICOT’s story

Maupiti is one of the Leeward Islands in the Society Archipelago in French Polynesia. It is also the name of the company that markets MJ TRICOT wines. What connection do you think exists between Burgundy and Tahiti?

In the 1930s, André Ropiteau was at the helm of the Meursault estate but, as a book enthusiast, his greatest dream was to travel around the world. In 1928, he embarked on a schooner for the Leeward Islands. From then on, Maupiti would be ‘his island’.

André returned every year to Burgundy for the wine harvest but would then take off afresh for the South Seas. When he died on the battlefield during the Second World War, on 20 June 1940, his brother, Jean, took over the family business. The younger son, who had chosen life as a diplomat, had unexpectedly become a winemaker.

In the mid 1970s he sold the farm but held onto the most important part – the vines – that were passed down to his children, the eldest being Marie Josèphe Ropiteau-Tricot, and remain in the family until the present day. Vincent is pursuing the family adventure by taking an unconventional path: he owns the vineyards with his mother, his sister and his two brothers, while entrusting the winemaking and ageing process to Bouchard Père & Fils, and so, wines bearing the label MJ TRICOT are born.